Aspermia And Asthenozoospermia: What Do You Know About It?

Aspermia and asthenozoospermia

Aspermia is a disease, that denotes the absence of ejaculate. In the national health care this term is used for semen analysis, as the result of which there wouldn’t be identified any sperm cell. According to the latest criteria in health organization, one milliliter of semen should contain 18 millions of active sperms. Such concentration of germ cells provides efficient fertilization.

The causes of aspermia

Aspermia and asthenozoospermia

Actually there are lots of causes. But it is very important to highlight and determine, which one can be reversible. For example, if we take advanced age as one of the reasons, all arguments wouldn’t have any meaning. Aspermia in old age is physiological and the process of its development is irreversible.

It is important to treat the disease better to prevent such problems, as infectious diseases, which are transmitted by sexual way. After all, that reason is one of the most widespread. Neglected disease of the genitourinary system can cause the lack of sperm in ejaculate even in young age. And in future it can lead to the infertility.

It is also important to know about birth defects, as agenesis of the testicles, aplasia and cryptorchidism. They can be the direct causes of such pathology. But, even if they will be identified in advanced age, you mustn’t worry, just take a visit to urologist. After all, as the practice shows, some types of aspermia are treatable.

A special attention must be given to the traumatic factor. It occurs in background operations, that were conducted to the genitourinary men system. Always it can happen if the operations were carried out in children or in case, if the external sex organs of the boy aren’t established at all. The same problems can appear as the result of injuries in genital organs.

Aspermia treatment

Pay attention, that the treatment of this pathology is very long. But if there is a need to determine the nature of disease, it is very necessary to pass urgent consultation with urologist. He will have an opportunity to determine the tactics of treatment.

For example, psychological disorder can be the reason for aspermia. In such case you have a need to visit psychotherapist. He will make special training programs, with help of which you will become self-confident.

But, if aspermia occurred at the background of venereal disease, such patient must visit dermatologist, who will propose the antimicrobial therapy.

Asthenozoospermia: what do you know about it?

Asthenozoospermia is a pathological illness, which show the decrease of active sperm in ejaculate. According to such regulations of the world organization, there must be at least 70% of active sperms. But if the number of sperm is changed, we can say about asthenozoospermia. According to the statistics that illness can cause infertility, if men wouldn’t do anything to cure it.

The main reasons

It is rather hard to name the only one reason of asthenozoospermia occurrence. At the same time, it has a lot of factors, which contribute to its development. In their origin, they can be divided into such factors, as external and internal.

The causes of this illness can be associated with the body and attributed to prolonged sexual abstinence. In particular, we must name smoking and alcohol abuse, high temperature factors and the exposure of electromagnetic waves, decline of immunity and bad environmental situation.

Asthenozoospermia treatment

The treatment of asthenozoospermia depends on different factors. Here we must name infectious diseases. If the reason is in it, the best idea would be to take antibiotics. Such drugs will improve the blood circulation and it will have a positive effect to your health.

Timely and proper treatment of semen analysis will help you to return the health. The exception are complex injuries or abnormalities, as cryptorchidism, that can`t be treated.

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