Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

Impotence – erectile dysfunction of the penis, impotence, which manifests itself in the inability of a man to perform sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction, according to statistics, every tenth man suffers. Most often, erectile dysfunction occurs in men over 45 years, but it occurs in young men. Erectile dysfunction often leads to deep psychological depression, creates disharmony in sexual relationships, destroys family relationships.


The most common problems with erection in men are not young, but there are exceptions when it occurs in males under 30 years old. Illness brings a lot of trouble and embarrassment in front of the girls. Most often, men are silent for a long time and hide from everyone, but the longer the problem is delayed, the more difficult than it is treatable. For full recovery must carefully study the problem. There are some signs of impotence in young men. Also, there are several types of reduced erection and it is physical, on a psychological level, and iatrogenic.

On the physical level

It relates the physical erection problem due to cardiovascular, hormonal and neurogenic diseases. Much may ask, what does cardiovascular disease? You can unleash the full question as manifested impotence. They affect the blood vessels that are found in the penis. Disrupted blood supply to the male organ, and then reduces the potency. Sometimes the cause of vascular damage arises due to such diseases as atherosclerosis. In this disease, cholesterol in the blood rises and begins detrimental effect on the vascular wall plaques appear not giving luminal vessels. Many experts would say that the reduction of erection – is not a disease but a symptom that appears due to the sensitivity of the small vessels of the male organ. For reasons related neurogenic stroke or injury, and diseases associated with the central nervous system. Nerve impulses are no longer passing into the cavernous body, and there are signs of erectile dysfunction in men.

On the hormonal level

Reducing the erection occurs due to the hormonal disorder and to testosterone deficiency. The illness occurs most often when a man is old age. But the problem is known and young guys. In young, it arises from the fact that prolactin produced in large quantities. It does not function normally testosterone. To find out what the rate of testosterone in men, it is necessary to see a specialist. Activity erection decreases due to a violation of psychological disorders. Symptoms of impotence in young men can be seen when the only sexual activity begins. There is a disease due to lack of experience, in this case expert help is needed.

On a psychological level

There are cases when the fault of the parents there is a decrease of erection. The child appears trauma into adulthood develops into a problem that occurs during sex. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men are observed due to misunderstandings among the spouses, quarrels in the family, education, stress, and also because of the betrayal of women.

On the level of iatrogenic

It relates iatrogenic disease medications that are taken for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and for treating nervous system. In the event of reduction of the potency of the medication you need to cancel them or to take advantage of this, which has no side effects. About disorders, you can visit the site


As is known, the modern pharmaceutical market is flooded with agents for the treatment of impotence, it would seem that the situation is favorable, and many sensitive men’s problems will be solved. But it was not there! Self-medication is not allowed! We must understand that only an expert can generate a treatment program to restore and improve potency. Dilettante who does not have medical special education is difficult to assess the benefits and harms, indications and contraindications to the drug, to evaluate the authenticity and accuracy of the effects of drugs that have passed clinical tests and nutritional supplements with questionable effect and unexplored. How often we become victims of unscrupulous advertising producers promise fast and 100% of the effect of improving the potency! Gullible can often lead not only to the good, but also harm.

Knowing that the main reason can be a violation of potency testosterone deficiency, it can be said that the treatment of androgen enjoys a commanding position in the treatment of impotence. The effect of substitution and including supportive therapy leads to normalization of testosterone levels, leading to psycho – emotional balance, restores the potency.

Revolutionary turning point in solving the problem of the treatment of erectile dysfunction was the appearance of PDE-5 inhibitor for daily use Cialis 5mg. Continuous intake of the drug in a dose ensures lasting effect throughout the time of reception. During a special study, which was attended by 342 couples evaluated the effect of treatment Cialis 5 mg in patients with ED on the quality of the sexual life of his partner. The results were very convincing improvement in the sexual quality of life according to the questionnaires was recorded in both partners and had symmetrical. Psychologists point out that confidence in the viability of male sexual allows their partners to take the initiative without fear to put his partner in an awkward position, thus exacerbating the already serious psychological problem. Because of the advantages, men often buy cialis in melbourne.

The main advantage of Cialis over other similar drugs is that it has the greatest validity period – up to 36 hours. That is, you can have a drink in the morning or in the afternoon, and not worry about how to pass the evening and night. In addition, Cialis can be taken with food or alcohol. On erection quality is not affected. The active ingredient of Cialis is tadalafil. One tablet contains 20 mg of it. It is not recommended to use more than 1 tablet per day. In case of overdose possible side effects such as nausea, headache flares. Persons under 18 cannot use the drug. Before the reception, we suggest you contact a physician for advice.

We offer you to buy inexpensive original Cialis and its counterpart – Generic Cialis. It is several times cheaper than the original, but has the same active ingredient, and not inferior to popular brand. Cialis takes effect within 20-30 minutes after administration, which is not always convenient. If you want rapid onset of effect, use absorbable drugs Cialis Soft. This is the same Cialis, but the ability to get an erection occurs within 5-10 minutes after administration. Buy Kamagra Jelly at online pharmacy without a prescription online. So many men choose this method. The drug takes effect within an hour, and the effect lasts for about 4-6 hours. The drug helps with different etiology of the disease, whether it is psychological if a physical problem.


  • Quick effect and duration of action.
  • Can be used in the wrong place due to the form of a gel.
  • Weak or no side effects.
  • The ability to receive, along with food or a small amount of alcohol.
  • A significant improvement in the state of erection.

The drug is approved for use in almost all patients suffering from impotence; it has a weak negative consequence.

Reviewed: 23 March 2021.

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