Does male menopause exist?

What is male menopause? Does it exist? These questions are not as openly discussed. The physicians insist that men really have to overcome this complicated period related to changes in the hormones. Thanks to this peculiarity they can better understand women at the alike moments, because suddenly a man starts feeling virile and then becomes moody and after it again feels very energetic. That is a continuous change of mood and it usually happens when a man enters his midlife years known as male menopause. It is recommended to consider this event within the context of overall men’s health. The older a man becomes, the less testosterone his body produces. Yes, there are other reasons for reduction of testosterone level but in common it falls with age. This decline can be felt starting from age 30, but more often deficiency of this hormone happens at about 40. Critical age! Don’t you know about it? Though, we cannot say that all men know, what it is, because the norm for testosterone is quite broad. We are speaking about reduction compared to the level that a man has early in adulthood – the so called baseline. This biological process affects most men to different extent. The physicians say that physically active men who do not smoke and do not abuse alcohol can have their youthful testosterone levels longer.

Does male menopause exist?

Signs of male menopause

In general the male menopause or so called andropause can be compared with depression and what is interesting the depression by itself reduces testosterone, thus, following these symptoms a man worsens the situation. Now let’s describe the principle symptoms in short:

  • A man stops working out due to physical weakness and starts gaining weight.
  • He feels exhausted whatever he does having much less energy as before.
  • A man suffers from bad sleeping.
  • The probable side effect of this state is erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders including reduced libido.
  • Feeling lack of energy man can hardly concentrate on anything.
  • Moodiness is observed.

It is difficult for men taught to be strong under any circumstances find themselves getting stuck in unexpected emotions. They cannot sleep as usual, they do not have enough energy, but they always doubt and despair. This time is well known as “midlife crisis”.

What should be done to survive?

Indeed there are a lot of things that can be done to come through these changes. First of all it is highly recommended to go and see a doctor. You should know what is behind this condition. Perhaps this is not menopause but some disease that needs to be treated immediately. You may be offered antidepressants to get rid of some symptoms or even all of them. It is necessary to test a hormone level. And here you can discuss further treatments and lifestyle to be changed for feeling better.

You should try to keep calm and positive. Of course your hormones will not give you any chance to do it but you should focus on the things, which make you feel not so miserable. Find ways to enjoy life.

It’s high time to reconsider your lifestyle and get healthier. If there is excessive weight, it must be lost and only this fact can improve the testosterone levels. Perhaps you should turn to specialist and develop an exercise plan aimed at losing weight.

Be careful because in this period the men lose not only weight but also some important and valuable things like family, job, and friends. There are a lot of questions about high calling and true purposes. You should concentrate on the main things and escape irretrievable steps being in such health condition. Do not be disappointed with your achievements. Every your goal is important. Focus on what you do quite well and enjoy it.

Every time of life is rich in particular joys and rewards. The only thing is needed is to adjust to the changes and adopt healthy lifestyle habits like eating a health food, getting regular exercises even if there is no desire at all, and of course reducing stress.

Reviewed: 19 Jun 2019.

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